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A custom made mobile first WordPress theme for DMR / Dansk Miljørådgivning A/S (Denmark), DMR Miljø og Geoteknikk AS (Norway) and DMR Equipment (international).

Who is DMR

Danish Environmental Consultants A/S (DMR Dansk Miljørådgivning A/S) is a consulting engineering firm providing advice in particular:

  • contamination studies/investigations
  • preparation of risk assessments.
  • remediation of contaminated soil/ groundwater.
  • land management and recycling.
  • indoor climate studies for hazardous substances from soil contamination, but also from building materials, such as lead in paint, PCB or tests for mold.
  • geotechnical studies that often advantageously can be combined with contamination studies/investigations.

Flexible and application-oriented

DMR has always focus on ensuring that our services must be application-oriented and that the agreed deadlines must be observed.

This is because deadlines is often essential for our customers, and we know that exceeding of deadlines can have major economic and possibly legal consequences for our customers.

DMR ensures that the agreed deadlines can be met by prior agreement to solve a task to ensure that the necessary staff resources are allocated.

We consider ourselves extremely flexible and will always try to solve customers’ urgent matters.

It is our intention that the customer/end user must be able to read and understand the contents and main conclusions in DMR’s reports.

The reports are therefore always based on their specific application and the end users expected technical and professional knowledge.

Objectives in relation to customers

At DMR, the customer is always in the center, and we provide advice in close cooperation with the customer and we target always advice and solutions to the customer’s current expectations, objectives and requirements.

Our goal is to provide environmental, technical and economic optimum solutions for our customers.

Recognizing that our customers largely delegate responsibility and decisions for us, we strive in every customer relationship to:

  • deliver long-lasting high-quality advice and good service.
  • be the customer’s ambassador.
  • spend money in the same way “as we would use our own.”

Quality assurance by DMR

DMR is very much aware that the quality and credibility is crucial for a consulting firm. DMR will in any customer relationship strive to deliver services and products whose quality is equal to the customer’s expectations and requirements.

DMRs quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

DMR is AAA credit rated.





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